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Cappadocia is an area in Central Turkey within the region of Anatolia. Its history dates back to the Hittites in the bronze age and many stories in the bible take place here. During Christian times, more than 300 cave churches and 30 underground cities were carved out by locals.

Its unusual terrain is owed to its volcanic past, which was very active until 5 million years ago. Since then, rivers, flood waters and erosion have carved out bizarre rock formations all over the region. Some of the most recognizable are called fairy chimneys. Thousands of these stony landmarks share a similar shape, somewhere between a mushroom, and well, a phallus.

Discover the amazing landscapes of Cappadocia as you walk through some of the strangest rock formations you will ever see. This is one place where the word 'unique' really applies. At first glance, they resemble some unearthly or prehistoric abandoned city and yet, just as they were home to the persecuted in the past, today some now house more modern dwellings.

As if this landscape were not enough, you have the opportunity to walk under the watchful eye of snow-capped Hasandag at the beautiful Ihlara Gorge, where was a broken fault line and the River Melendiz has eroded a dramatic chasm in the earth, a remarkable contrast to all that has come before. Everywhere you go you will be rewarded with surprising views and warm hospitality.

“ The surreal landscapes of Cappadocia are unlike anything else on Earth. They will simply take your breath away.”

Highlihgts of Cappadocia

1- Goreme Open Air Museum

Well-preserved cave churches and frescoe wall paintings dating back 4'th century A.D

2- Uchisar Castle

Highest vista point of Cappadocia

3- Goreme Panorama

Panoramic view point of Goreme Village. Also nice photograph taking area.

4- Pasabag(Monks Valley)

Two & Three headed fairychimneys of Cappadocia and St. Simon's Cave.

5- Devrent Valley(Imaginnation Valley)

Natural animal shaped rockformations area.

6- Avanos

Pottery and Ceramic Arts dating back Hittite Period aproximetely 2000 B.C

7- Urgüp

Fairychimneys and tasting famous vines of Cappadocia

8- Kaymakli and Derinkuyu Underground Cities

Explore undergrounds caves of Cappadocia.

9- Ihlara Valley

Hiking along Melendiz River. Discover hidden cave churches of the valley

10- Selime Monastery

Largest Christian Monastery of Cappadocia and Starwars vista point

11- Valleys of Cappadocia

Walking different valleys of Cappadocia(Red and Rose Valley,Pigeon Valley,White Valley,Honey Valley and Love Valley)

12- Sarihan Caravanserai

Watching authentic whirling dervish ceremony Sarihan on the Silk Road

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