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Red Tour: (If you have limited time in Cappadocia in Cappadocia,we recomend you this tour.) (Please check for winter season tour instead of Red Tour!!!)
We will pick you up from your hotel at 09:30. First we will visit Uchisar Castle. This is the peak of the Cappadocia Region and is known as the balcony of the Cappadocia Area. Our second stop is Goreme Open Air Museum, where we will see well-preserved Byzantine rock carved churches and frescoes. The third stop is Cavusin Village, where you will see old Greek houses that were inhabited by Greek People until the 1920’s. We will have a delicious lunch in Avanos.

After lunch our fourth stop is a Pottery workshop in Avanos. This art has continued from the Hittites period until the present day. You will have a chance to see an old-style demonstration with a  kick wheel technique and you can try to do your own pot. Stop number five is Pasabag, where you will see the best Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia and the Chapel of St Simon.  The next  stop is Devrent Valley but we local people we call this valley “Imagination Valley.”

You will see different natural animal-shaped rock formations. The seventh stop is Urgüp, location of the  headed fairy chimneys of Cappadocia.  The last stop of the tour will be the Carpet Cooperative,  a school where Cappadocian Girls weave their dawry kilims and carpets. In their exhibition room, you will have the opportunity to see and buy  different kilims and carpets from all around Turkey.  The Red Tour will finish around 17:30, after which  we will drive you back your hotel in Cappadocia.


As days are very short in winter and it gets dark already at about 4 pm and also hiking is difficult because of snow and ice, from 15'th December to 01'th April we offer you a perfect solution which includes both Goreme Open Air Museum and most local highlights.


We wil pick you up from your hotel at 09:00-09:30. The first stop Devrent Valley, which is also known as Imagination valley. Devrent valley has many different red-coloured rock formations forming a lunar landscape with their strange appearance. The valley has many animal-shaped rocks. Some of the most commonly seen shapes include a camel, snake, seals, and a dolphin. If you use your imagination, you can find many others. There is even a rock pillar which looks like Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. The magnificent landscape of Cappadocia has been formed from solidified lava streams, ash and tuff stone from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The landscape you can see now is the result of thousands of years of continual erosion, which has shaped the tuff deposits into the strangest pyramids and cones. The guide gives you information about how the landscape was formed and the history of Cappadocia.
Then you go to Mustafapasa, which was originally known as Sinasos, an old village where Turks and Greeks lived side by side and where old Greek Stone houses can still be seen. The Greeks left the village during the exchange of populations in 1923 agreed in the Treaty of Lausanne, and many of the houses have been abandoned since then or later turned into hotels.
The next stop is at the famous ‘Three Beauties of Urgüp’, where you can see the mushroom-shaped rock formations and a panorama of the city of Urgüp
After that you go to Ortahisar, which means "middle castle" in Turkish and as the name implies, it is situated between Göreme, Ürgüp, Uçhisar and Nevşehir. You go for a short walk in its old part which is an amazing place of abandoned and derelict dwellings, most of them unfortunately beyond repair. You also have lunch in local restaurant in Ortahisar.
After that you go to Goreme Open Air Museum, the most famous tourist attraction in Cappadocia, a complex of ancient cave churches cut into the rock by Orthodox monks. There are 9 cave churches with beautiful frescoes in the museum. Along with rectories, dwellings and a religious school, they form a large monastic complex cut into the rock in the stunning landscape of Cappadocia. The tour finishes around 16:30. After the tour, we will take back you to your hotel.

What is includig these tours

  • Pick up from hotel and drop back to hotel
  • Lunch
  • English Speaking Guide (Other  languages available on request)
  • Non-smoking Van
  • Entrance fees for museum

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