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Green Tour: (If you like walking, we recommend you join this tour)(Please check for winter season tour instead of Green Tour)

We will pick you up from your hotel at 09:30. The first destination of this tour is Goreme Panorama, where you will see an amazing view of Goreme Village and have a chance to take some great photos of the Cappadocia region.  Our second  stop is Derinkuyu (Deep Well) Underground City. This is one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia, and you will learn about the cave life of the ancient people of Cappadocia. We will go 55 meters below the surface. You will see different sections of underground caves. Our third destination  is Ihlara Canyon. We will walk about 3 kms along The Melendiz River. While we are walking, we will see cave churches and seclusion rooms for Christians Monks.  After walking  beside the river we will have lunch in a local restaurant in Bellisirma Village.

After lunch, the fourth stop will be Star Wars Landscape, where you can take some photos of this amazing area. Our fifth stop is the Christian Monastery of Selime. This is the one of the biggest religious monasteries in Cappadocia. You will see different religious sections of the chapel, church, missionary school and cathedral.

After Selime,we will drive back from Selime to Pigeon Valley in Uchisar. Our sixth destination will be Pigeon Valley.  You will see many pigeon houses and pigeon nests resembling  apartments.  Stop number seven will be an onyx workshop, where we will see different kinds of precious and semi-precious stones of Cappadocia. Lapidaries also produce different kinds of handmade silver and gold  jewellery. The Green Tour finishes around 18:00. After that we will drive you back your hotel.


As days are very short in winter and it gets dark already at about 4 pm and also hiking is difficult because of snow and ice, from January to March we offer you a perfect solution which includes both Derinkuyu underground city and most local highlights.


The first stop is at Göreme panorama, the best place to admire the beautiful fairy-chimneys below. The most magnificent landscape around Göreme has been formed from solidified lava streams, ash and tuff stone of volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The stunning landscape of Cappadocia is the result of thousands of years of continual erosion, which has shaped the tuff deposits into the strangest pyramids and cones. The guide gives you information about how the landscape was formed and the history of Cappadocia.

Then you visit Derinkuyu, the deepest underground city in the area, which is approximately 85 meters deep and has 16 floors, 8 of which you can see during your guided tour. It was used to hide Christians during enemy attacks in the 5th to 10th centuries. The city was built around 8th century BC, it could accommodate about 20 000 people and had all the usual amenities found in other underground complexes across Cappadocia, such as wine and oil presses, stables, cellars, storage rooms, refectories, and chapels.

Next you stop at Pigeon valley viewpoint, which has hundreds of old pigeon houses cut into the rock in the past. Throughout centuries farmers have used pigeon droppings as a fertilizer for their crops.

After that you have lunch in a local house in Göreme (if the group is smaller than 10 people). After lunch you go to the village of Cavusin, the old part of the village was abandoned in the 1950s due to numerous rock-falls caused by erosion. You can also see the famous basilica of St. John the Baptist, cut into the cliffs above the old village, built in the 5th century.

Then you go to the ancient town of Avanos, which was called Venessa in the old times. It overlooks the longest river in Turkey, the Kızılırmak (Red River), which separates Avanos from the rest of Cappadocia. The most famous historical feature of Avanos, which is still relevant and prominent today, is its production of earthenware products. The ceramic trade in this district and its countless pottery factories date back to the Hittites. The ceramic clay from the red silt of the Kızılırmak has always been used. You can watch the potters at work using the kick wheel, a technique that has never changed over generations. Later you can try making your youn own pottery.

The last stop is in Pasabag, where highly remarkable mushroom-shaped rock formations can be seen, in the middle of a vineyard, hence the name of the place which means 'Pasha’s vineyard'. 'Pasha' means 'general', a military rank, in Turkish. This sight is also called Monks' Valley. The name has come from some high tuff stone columns which stand apart, looking like monks. The tour finishes around 16:30. After the tour, we will take back you to your hotel.


What is includig these tours

  • Pick up from hotel and drop back to hotel
  • Lunch
  • English Speaking Guide (Other  languages available on request)
  • Non-smoking Van
  • Entrance fees for museum

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