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Airport Shuttle

The most roomy and convenient 16 passenger minibus.The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, have many advantages passenger comfort, driving dynamics and body configuration. It can carry over 20 suitcases wihtout any problems.

* Airport shuttle rate is 8 Euros per person one way.

Private Airport Transfers

The Mercedes "Vito" is a very comfortable and modern minivan. It can accommodate up to 6 passengers plus driver. It has a triple sun roof with is very handy when sightseeing. Separate air conditioning, front and back, provides good comfort to all the passengers. What makes minivans really good for sightseeing is that you sit up, higher than a regular car, and you can see over the top of the other cars or the parapets of bridges and such. It can carry over 8 suitecases without any problem.

Our 14 seater minibuses can comfortably carry up to 14 passengers including 14 large suitcases. This car is ideal for large groups with excess luggage. Our 14 seaters include the Mercedes Benz Minibus and Volkswagen Minibus.

* Private Airport Transfer from Kayseri Airport is 70 Euros one way.

* Private Airport Transfer from Nevsehir Airport is 60 Euros one way.

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