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Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour

Horses has always been our friend at large part of the history of mankind. nowadays horses are now no longer needed as a tool of passenger car with use of motor vehicles. To maintain such a friendship,to enjoy horse riding only possible with few horse farms.Horseback riding is not just a hobby, it is a passion and a lifestyle.

If you love horses, then you have come to the right place! Here you will find training tips and step by step tutorials, as well as knowledge about horses.

Horseback riding adventures, you can enjoy the breath-taking views and majestic scenery of magic valley of Cappadocia and surreal rockformations. This is your invitation for an unparalleled experience . Once you had done it our way - you will never forget! 
Horse riding tour in Cappadocia is really unique experience. Cappadocia is a land full of wonder,historical sites and beautiful horses. If you are looking for a horse riding experince that offers great riding, great horses and culture then this is the destination for you !

Most guests find our 2- or 4-hour rides best to see several different valleys; we also offer longer, full-day rides. All rates include transportation to/from your local area hotel and your horse ride with a Turkish cowboy!

The valleys we cover for our daily rides depend on the weather conditions and your riding experience. Most of our rides are in and around Rose/Red Valleys, Sword Valley, Love Valley and White/Honey Valley – as these are the most beautiful trails to ride and we can reach many remote locations…away from the crowds - with spectacular vistas and amazing views throughout the entire ride. We offer early day rides starting around 10:00 and also late afternoon or sunset rides. Please let us know what works best for your schedule on the email form and we can reply with availability. We also offer private 1-hour or full-day rides. Please email us for availability and pricing.

One Hour Horse Riding Tour rate is 25 Euros per person

Two Hours Horse Riding Tour rate is 40 Euros per person


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